Which states and counties have issued travel bans or travel advisories in the wake of the US travel ban?

The US has imposed a travel ban on a range of countries in response to President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

But where do the other six countries stand? 

Here’s a look at where the US is in the travel ban list, and where they stand in the world: Iran The US has indefinitely barred Iran from participating in international organisations. 

Iran has also banned the entry of anyone from Iran or its territories, including all Iranian nationals. 

Russia Russia has banned all Russian nationals and its nationals from travelling to the US. 

Turkey The Turkish government has banned citizens from Turkey, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, Sweden and the United States. 

China China has imposed an indefinite ban on citizens from the US and the US has placed its citizens under the jurisdiction of China’s embassy in Beijing. 

Canada Canada has imposed travel bans and travel advisences on Canadians from all of the listed countries. 

Brazil Brazil has imposed restrictions on all foreign nationals and their nationals from the countries listed above. 

Malaysia Malay officials have also imposed travel advisices. Singapore Singan nationals have also been told to avoid travelling to Singapore. 

Taiwan Taiwans have been told not to travel to China and the Philippines. 

United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates has temporarily banned all citizens of all countries, including Qatar, from entering the UAE. 

Iraq Iraq has banned foreign nationals from Iraq from all foreign countries, but has not imposed a blanket ban. Australia Australia has temporarily suspended the entry to the country of foreign nationals with “serious concerns” about security. 

Germany Germany has temporarily restricted all flights from Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Turkey to and from the United Arab States.

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