When Egypt Becomes the World’s Biggest Ebola Outbreak

Travelers diarrhea is expected to increase among Egyptians this year, as a government ban on eating meat in restaurants and other establishments is lifted, according to the World Health Organization.

The WHO reported on Wednesday that Egypt had been declared the biggest Ebola outbreak in the world, with more than 10,000 confirmed cases, with the virus causing at least 1,300 deaths.

Egyptian authorities announced a ban on meat consumption in public places in January, but some restaurants reopened, with meat serving as the primary source of sustenance for many people.

The ban is expected for July and will be implemented across the country.

According to the WHO, Egyptian officials will likely continue to restrict food consumption during the pandemic, though it will likely be limited to the domestic food market.

“Egyptians who do not have access to health care will continue to face severe restrictions on the consumption of meat, poultry and fish, which are the main sources of nutrition for the majority of the population,” the WHO said.

“The most important restrictions will be on the domestic market where most of the food will be sold.”

The WHO said that a ban will remain in place for the remainder of the month, which is expected on July 26.

The World Health Organisation and the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced a three-day humanitarian ban on food imports on Tuesday, the first such ban since the outbreak began.

Egypt’s Health Ministry also said that all imported foods would have to be stored for six months.

“If imported food is not stored properly, it may contaminate the air and soil and may cause disease,” Health Minister Khaled al-Shafik said on Wednesday.

The restrictions come as Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country, struggles to cope with a surge in the number of new cases of the Ebola virus.

On Wednesday, Egypt reported a new case, which was traced to a person who visited a hospital in the eastern city of Minya.

The Ministry of Emergency and Disaster Management reported that the new case was a person in his 40s who was transferred to Minya’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center for observation.

The ministry did not immediately say whether the man had been treated at the hospital or died.

Egypt has also reported more than 100 new cases, including at least one death.

An international response has been put in place to help combat the outbreak.

The U.S. State Department has pledged $10 million in assistance for the Egyptian government to help with public health measures.

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