How to avoid travel restrictions in Colombia

Travel restrictions in the Colombian capital, Bogota, are in place for the next few weeks as part of a crackdown on the country’s cocaine trade.

The government has been cracking down on the drug trade since 2010, arresting more than 3,000 people.

Since then, Colombia has seen a dramatic rise in drug-related violence, with at least 14 people killed by Colombian police in 2016 alone.

In December, the country passed a law that allowed the use of personal weapons in self-defense.

But it also imposed travel restrictions on travelers from certain areas, including Bogota and its southernmost city, Medellin, to the capital, which was hit hard by the violence.

The country’s Ministry of Justice said the restrictions are necessary to protect the lives of Colombian soldiers and police officers who are protecting public safety.

The travel restrictions are the latest in a series of efforts to control the illegal drug trade in Colombia.

In November, President Juan Manuel Santos announced that he would introduce legislation to allow travelers to travel to certain parts of the country to purchase and possess firearms and ammunition.

That law was supposed to take effect this week.

The measures come amid heightened concerns about a spike in violence in the country, which has seen at least four murders in a single day since the start of the year.

In an effort to curb the drug flow, Colombia’s government has launched a massive operation known as Operation CARA that has targeted traffickers and smugglers, arresting nearly 2,000 suspects and seizing nearly $8 million worth of drugs and cash.

In March, President Santos announced the establishment of the National Security Council to provide an advisory role to the president.

The council will provide advice and help coordinate the countrys security and economic policies.

The council will also advise the president on the military response to terrorism and drug-trafficking threats.

In addition, the president has ordered the government to intensify efforts to address the drug crisis in the region, which includes Colombia, and to expand border security measures, such as the construction of a new border fence, that were previously implemented in 2015.

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