Why you should avoid travel in Canada’s far-flung provinces

A new travel advisory from Canada’s National Travel Information Service recommends avoiding the Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta, saying the “travel conditions are not conducive to safe travel.”

The advice comes in the wake of the fatal crash of a passenger jetliner in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, which claimed the lives of all 78 people on board.

The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, which produces the National Travel Alert, says in the advisory that the three provinces are “the most hazardous travel destinations for aviation” because of the high number of “high-risk” passengers and aircraft.

According to the CAAPP, the three regions have a combined population of 6.3 million.

In addition, the CAAPS warns of the “high risk of high-risk flight operations” and “low flight capacity” of the three Canadian provinces.

The CAAPS recommends that “all travellers be prepared for the unexpected and consider their own safety when travelling in the provinces.”

In a statement, CAAPL said that “while these factors should be taken into account when planning your itinerary, CAAPS is concerned about a trend of low flight capacity and low passenger numbers that have been observed in some of the provinces, particularly in B.C.”

The statement added that CAAPS urges “all airlines to make their routes more flexible, as the provinces are in a transition from peak season travel to off-peak season travel, and for airlines to have a clearer sense of when they need to increase capacity and reduce capacity in order to remain competitive.”

While the CAPSP says that “no single province is the ideal destination,” it does say that it would like “more Canadians to take the time to visit each province, and explore their different cultural and natural landscapes, and see what the best places are.”

“Traveling to these provinces will not only be fun, but also an opportunity to discover your new community and to experience the province’s unique natural and cultural treasures, all while meeting friends and experiencing your city’s unique culture,” CAAPS said.

CaAPL added that while it’s too soon to say whether the CAPP is recommending that Canadian airlines avoid these provinces entirely, the warning “does make sense.”

Canadian travel agencies can still get on board the CABP advisory.

Here’s the full CAAPPs advisory:

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