Which countries have the highest number of restrictions on travel?

Travel restrictions are prevalent in many of the world’s most developed countries, and many of them are based on a host of dubious and potentially dangerous premises.

Here’s a look at the top five. 1.

China — More than 300 countries and territories restrict travel to the US.

This includes bans on all foreign visits, barring people from certain countries and countries with a history of human rights abuses, and a ban on all visits to places where the US government has a national security interest.

The US is the only country to impose such restrictions.

However, the US’s policies have also been widely criticised, and some people have died while in China for reasons that are unclear.


South Korea — South Korea has the highest percentage of its population living in poverty in the world, but it has a low percentage of restrictions placed on foreign travel.

There are many restrictions on international travel in South Korea, including a ban of all non-essential travel, and bans on the import of goods and technology that is used to produce high-tech products, such as medical devices and advanced technology.

3. Vietnam — Vietnam bans all travel from most countries in the Middle East, Central Asia, the Pacific and South America.

Vietnam has a large number of people living in extreme poverty, and the country’s policies are frequently criticised. 4.

Iran — Iran is a country that has long had a history with human rights violations.

The country has long been a source of unrest and terrorism.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is currently facing a series of executions, and has been accused of violating the rights of journalists, political activists and women.


Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia is a major source of conflict and terrorism in the region, with a large population of citizens living in constant fear of a possible crackdown by the government.

The kingdom’s policies towards dissidents are controversial, and have caused considerable concern to human rights groups.

However the government does not impose restrictions on the movement of foreign tourists. 6.

China – China’s restrictive policies have been criticized for years, with human-rights activists arguing that the restrictions have caused social unrest and destabilised its already fragile economy.

China’s restrictions have been particularly strong in Xinjiang, the region where the Chinese government has established a vast religious and ethnic enclaves, and where religious minorities are most often persecuted.

In June 2015, the government in Xinjing declared a curfew, which was later expanded to other parts of the city.

The government has also imposed severe restrictions on social media and social media use, and is reportedly considering restricting internet access in many regions. 7.

Egypt — The Egyptian government has recently imposed new restrictions on tourism, which include a ban that bars anyone from entering Egypt for five years.

The ban is widely criticised by human rights activists, with some of those affected reporting being unable to return to their home countries.


Saudi-UAE relations – Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have long been at odds over the treatment of women, and they have been accused by human- rights groups of discriminating against women, including girls and women with disabilities.

The two countries have recently had a strained relationship, with the Saudis accusing the UAE of funding violent extremist groups in Yemen, and accusing the Emiratis of funding Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).


Russia – Russia’s repressive policies towards political dissidents have been controversial.

Human rights activists have alleged that the government has forced women to wear burkas and forced men to sign confessions.

In April 2017, the country imposed a series

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