Travelling salesman problems: how Greeks are coping with the travel restrictions

Travelling is a big part of life for Greek people, and one of the main reasons for its popularity is that people can get around easily.

But for many of them, getting around is a challenge.

And it’s not just for the sake of getting around.

The Greek government has put in place a new travel restrictions system, but it’s also making it harder for Greeks to travel.

A guidebook for Greeks, the Greece Travel Restrictions, have been put online.

It’s a guide to all the travel rules in Greece, but they also cover the Greek government’s travel restrictions.

The rules in place are designed to reduce the burden on Greeks travelling abroad, and to encourage people to visit Greece.

The travel restrictions are based on the principle of a ‘double-lock’ system, which means they are supposed to be implemented to minimise the number of people being asked to pay for their flights or trains.

The travel restrictions only apply to people who are eligible for visas, so they won’t affect those who are not.

The government has already announced that it will be closing some areas of Athens for a while, and it’s set to impose new restrictions on tourists and holidaymakers.

Travel restrictions are often applied to major events like Euro 2012 and the Athens Olympics.

And they’re a common part of the national debate, which has been ongoing since the election of the Syriza-led government.

In a poll by the Greek newspaper Agora, 68 per cent of Greeks said that they were not willing to pay taxes for Greece if the government did not allow them to travel abroad.

The Greek government is hoping that the travel restriction will help alleviate that pressure, but there are many who think that the restrictions will simply make things worse.

Travel restrictions and tourism are not the only thing that have been affecting Greeks abroad.

Greece’s economy has been struggling for a long time, and the Greek tourism industry has been in a state of flux.

According to the European Union, the number and size of Greeks’ holiday packages has declined, as people are less willing to go abroad.

Greek tourism has also suffered from poor government policies, and some experts have warned that the situation is getting worse.

In the wake of the austerity measures, the Greek tourist industry is facing problems of its own, and many have already returned home.

Greece is facing a crisis of its economy.

The country is struggling to keep up with the international burden of paying its debts, and austerity measures are the only way to get the country back on its feet.

Greece needs to reform its laws, but this has proved to be difficult.

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