Australia to introduce travel restrictions for visitors from Fiji

Australia will introduce travel bans for travellers from Fiji, as the island nation prepares for a visit by Donald Trump.

Key points: Fiji’s president says the Trump administration will not allow the country to travel to the US without a visa The US has not given permission to anyone to enter the country without a special visa The Government is offering free airfares for Fiji nationals and US citizens over 65, but some have not been able to afford it Fiji’s presidency said on Thursday that the US was “not going to allow” the island to travel without a US visa.

President Peter O’Neill told reporters on Friday.””

So the question is what happens to the people who can’t afford to pay, to pay to come?”

President Peter O’Neill told reporters on Friday.

“The way we’re going about it, we’re trying to do the right thing for Fiji and for our people.”

We’re going on a voluntary basis, we’ve got to get the best deal for our citizens, so we’re not allowing anyone to come into Fiji without a government-issued visa.

“Fiji’s new prime minister, Josephine Samaraweera, said the Government would “do everything in our power to protect the citizens of Fiji”.”

It’s our responsibility to ensure that all citizens of the country can go and visit and that we make sure that those people can have access to the services they need,” she said.’

We’re not giving them the same access’ Fiji has been under strict visa requirements since December, when President Trump signed an executive order that temporarily blocked most people from entering the US.”

Fiji has not been given any special visa, so as soon as we see that the government has given permission, we will do everything in the best interests of our citizens,” Mr O’Neil said.”

If the government does not give us that permission, then we will take it.

“Fiji has a population of around 8,000 people and the Government is seeking to increase it to around 15,000 by 2025.”

Mr O ‘Neil also confirmed that he would make an announcement on Fiji’s status next week. “

We have to make sure our citizens can travel freely to the States and the countries of the world.”

Mr O ‘Neil also confirmed that he would make an announcement on Fiji’s status next week.

“As soon as I get a chance to talk to the President, I’ll make a decision about that,” he said.

‘We will make sure the people can come in’ The Government said it would be “extremely disappointed” if some people did not have access.

“What’s happening to people who don’t have a Visa are not being given the same opportunity as people who have a valid visa, who have paid for their ticket,” the Government said in a statement.

“This Government is going to do everything possible to ensure all people who wish to visit Fiji can do so.”

Fiji was a British colony from 1898 until 1991.

The Government has not granted a visa to any Australian or US citizen since the 1960s.

It said it was still considering whether it could grant visas to the Government’s citizens.

“For Fiji, this will mean that some people will be able to visit our country, but not others,” the statement said.

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