UK’s travel ban to be ‘temporary’, but not complete

A few weeks ago, we reported on a UK government-backed travel ban that was to be temporarily put in place to restrict the entry of certain people and businesses from seven Muslim-majority countries: Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen.

That travel ban was quickly blocked in the US, and now we know the ban is being phased out.

But we still don’t know when it will be lifted, or what exactly will be banned.

In a new report from the European Commission, it’s not clear how long the ban will be in place and when it’ll be lifted.

The Commission said it expects the ban to “remain in place until the end of 2018.”

However, that does not mean the ban can be completely lifted at any time, as it will have to be reinstated by the UK government at some point.

The UK government has a lot of explaining to do.

The UK is a member of the EU, a trading bloc that is currently facing its second wave of migration crisis, and that will have a huge effect on its own.

In its own research, the Commission noted that the UK has already seen a rise in asylum applications and a significant drop in numbers of asylum seekers since last year.

It said that the EU is also “significantly less accepting of people coming to the UK as a result of the travel ban than the US.”

So it’s likely that the ban may have been a big factor in the UK’s continued problems with asylum applications, and it’s possible the EU may also see some benefits from its own policy.

But if the ban was a significant factor, the UK would have to reexamine its own policies to see if it’s actually a good idea to have it.

So what does this mean for Canada?

There are a number of possible things the government could do to help its own refugee population, as we reported earlier this week.

First, the country’s Conservative government could ask the European Union to lift its travel ban, or at least provide some relief to those affected by it.

The EU would then have to grant the UK another one of its “temporary” entry restrictions to ease the burden on the refugee population.

It could do so by offering some financial assistance to those who need it, or by providing some aid to refugees and migrants who are being forcibly repatriated from countries that the British government deems to be “not safe.”

Second, the Conservative government may consider asking the EU to lift the EU’s ban on certain goods, which it currently requires to be banned by EU standards.

Those goods include things like health and food, as well as agricultural products, and could be sold in Canada.

Third, Canada could ask Canada to allow some goods that are currently banned to enter the country, and may also consider issuing visas to some refugees and immigrants.

Finally, the government might consider offering some form of visa amnesty for the refugees and foreign nationals who are currently in the country.

This would allow them to come back to Canada and begin reintegrating back into society, and would likely also provide some temporary relief to the refugees who are now in the refugee camp.

These are just some of the possibilities that the Canadian government might be considering.

But there’s a lot more to consider, and the European Parliament may be considering more than just temporary measures.

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