Why Hawaii Travelers Should Never Go To Hawaii

Hawaii travelers should never visit Hawaii for vacation.

A recent study by travel advisory company TravelSavvy found that the number of Hawaii vacationers visiting the state for the first time fell to 7% of travelers in 2016 from 11% in 2016.

The trend is expected to worsen in 2017 as tourism and economy continue to grow.

TravelSavory estimates that the state will have more than $40 billion in annual revenue in 2019, which will support more than 200,000 jobs.

The report notes that Hawaii is one of the fastest growing destinations for vacationers and is also one of only a few places where the number and number of vacationers is growing.

Travelsavvy surveyed over 500 vacationers who had visited Hawaii for the last five years.

TravelSavvy analyzed the number, demographics and income levels of vacationer travel.

Hawaii ranked second in the list of destinations for people who said they would not visit the state again.

Hawaii’s median household income was $46,000, and the average vacationer household income in the state was $41,000.

The data also shows that the average annual income for vacationer travelers is $3,800 higher than the national average.

The number of households with incomes of more than 100% of the poverty level was 3.5%, and for families with incomes below that level, there were 7.2%.

The average annual earnings for Hawaii vacationer households were $5,600 higher than those of those in the general U.S. population, and $8,000 higher than families in the bottom quintile.

The average annual wage for Hawaii travelers was $23,400 higher than for those in a comparable income bracket.

TravelSavory also examined income and educational attainment levels of Hawaii residents.

The top-tier of income categories included households with household incomes of $250,000 to $300,000 and families earning more than one-quarter of the median income.

The bottom-tier included households earning $75,000 or less, and households earning less than $50,000 a year.

Travelsavvy found Hawaii residents were more likely to be male than their counterparts in other states, but the study also found Hawaii is still considered a safe destination for male travelers.

Hawaii also ranked high in the number who have children.

According to the study, Hawaii has a strong economy, with an estimated gross domestic product of $50.9 trillion in 2020, which is the highest among the 25 states and the District of Columbia.

Hawaii is ranked third in the country for overall GDP growth and is the fifth-largest economy in the world, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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