How to travel abroad with your smartphone

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is cracking down on people using smartphones to fly abroad, and some are using their own devices as an excuse to evade the restrictions.

In a move that’s likely to anger the country’s conservative, pro-business ruling coalition, Merkel is also cracking down more on foreigners who don’t have valid passports.

A week after the ban was announced, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) issued a circular that was widely seen as an attempt to stop some people using their smartphones to travel.

It is also widely seen in Germany as the latest in a string of measures targeting the countrys foreign citizens, including those who have fled persecution abroad.

German government officials have repeatedly insisted that there is no threat to national security.

However, a leaked document published by German newspaper Bild (a news outlet known for its pro-immigration stance) shows that the BAMF has actually taken action against more than 400 foreign citizens for violating the new restrictions.

The document, which was first obtained by German news site Die Zeit, says the restrictions apply to foreigners who are in Germany but who have a valid passport, as well as those who are abroad for business purposes.

That includes foreigners who have visited the country, held a job, or are visiting a friend or family member.

BAMFs also say that if a foreigner is caught traveling abroad without a valid visa, they can be deported.

That could apply to both those traveling abroad for work and those traveling to work.

The BAMs’ move comes after a week of increasingly bizarre and extreme measures against foreign citizens.

On Thursday, Germany announced it would ban citizens from several Muslim countries from entering the country without a visa, including Yemen and Egypt.

That came after Saudi Arabia banned all foreigners from the two countries from March.

The German government also recently suspended the issuance of visas to the spouses of Syrian refugees who had applied for them to enter the country.

The ban has also targeted those with family members in Germany who have been in the country for a year or more, and many have gone on to apply for residency.

Germany also announced on Monday that it would limit its visa-free regime for citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

In addition, German media reported that German Chancellor Werner Faymann, who is seen as a moderate figure in her countrys politics, will soon be stepping down.

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