Nevember: Nevemberg airport shuts down for ‘unacceptable’ safety measures

A Nevemburg airport in Germany has been shut down for an unprecedented measure that will see travelers travelling from other European countries blocked from boarding the Nevembers main airport until the end of February.

Airport operator Nevemag had been planning to fly a total of 3,000 passengers on Friday, but the airport has been ordered to temporarily suspend flights as a precaution.

“Due to an unforeseeable change in the weather conditions, Nevemilch airport has decided to suspend its scheduled flight operations until February 18,” Nevemgren airport said in a statement on Friday.

“In addition, Neumann airport will suspend all flights from Monday to Friday.”

The airline had planned to fly 3,500 passengers from Europe, including some who had been granted special visas to enter the country.

It is not known how many people are being prevented from boarding flights.

But some airlines in Europe are facing tough decisions after a string of fatal air disasters in recent years, including the tragic crash of a Germanwings jetliner in the French Alps last year.

It’s unclear how many of the 3,600 passengers were from Europe and how many were from other countries.

Passengers were allowed to board a flight to Amsterdam on Wednesday, but had to leave the airport by the time it was due to depart.

Airline Nevegas, for instance, has temporarily restricted all flights to the Dutch city.

The German airline is facing criticism for the measures, which could make it harder for passengers to make the long journey to and from the capital, Berlin.

Air France said it was “very disappointed” with the decision.

“The decision has the potential to be a disaster,” said spokeswoman Anne-Marie Szymborska.

“We will do everything to minimise the disruption and make the air travel more pleasant.”

The measures come as a fresh wave of airline tragedies has emerged.

In March, a flight from Paris to Barcelona crashed into a mountain in the Spanish Pyrenees, killing all 120 people on board.

The plane’s Airbus A320 was shot down by ground fire.

And last month, a French airliner crashed into the sea off the coast of Africa, killing 228 people.

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