How to avoid dangerous travel to the Pacific Islands

You probably never thought of the Pacific islands as an ocean destination.

But for travelers, they are home to the highest concentrations of people who get sick from coronavirus, which spread through air travel in recent years.

Travelers with respiratory conditions are at highest risk, and coronaviruses can be spread through direct contact.

Here are some tips to avoid serious illness: • Avoid direct contact with the elderly and the sick.

While you can get a flu-like illness from close contact, the risk of a severe case of influenza is lower if you’re not touching the sick person, who may not be able to see or hear you.

People who don’t get tested should be on the lookout for signs of flu or other respiratory problems.

• Wear face masks.

People with respiratory problems should wear masks at all times, and they should wear them when they leave the hotel or airport.

People should also keep a handkerchief or clean-up cloth handy, because many hotel rooms are not equipped with these items.

• Don’t get too close to people who are coughing, sneezing or wheezing.

This can result in more serious infections and even death.

• If you’re sick and feeling better, but your doctor has a concern for you, get medical attention immediately.

If you need to stay at a hotel, call the hotel first and ask if you can stay there until you’re checked into another hotel, and then go to the nearest emergency room or medical center.

For information about travel to and from the Pacific, see our travel tips.

• Keep a list of all your contacts, especially those you’re sharing with family and friends.

People can get sick easily if they’re not aware of their family’s health status and if they aren’t sharing information about how they’re doing.

• Know what you should wear, especially when it comes to coughing, breathing and coughing up.

If a coughing fit can lead to a hospitalization, you should dress professionally.

Avoid using air fresheners, and always keep a long-handled air hose handy for cleaning your room.

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