How to watch a new film in Arizona without a movie ticket

With the sun setting and the heat of summer gone, there are still a lot of movies coming out this year.

But in Arizona, you’ll need to make do with one ticket per day, and the movie theaters won’t let you get away without one.

The theaters in Arizona have temporarily closed for the week as a precaution, but they’re only letting people come and go from the lot without a ticket, the Arizona Republic reports.

“We have had complaints from some of our guests that they were unable to come and stay,” said Joe Hahn, the president and CEO of the Arizona Department of Tourism and Industry.

“So that’s what we’re doing and we’re going to keep doing that,” he added.

While it’s the first time they’ve closed the lot since August, there’s been some other temporary closures in recent years.

In January, the state shut down the entire lot for more than two weeks as a “temporary measure” after the deadly wildfires swept through parts of the state.

But the restrictions were lifted a few weeks later.

This year, the only option to get into the lot was to go through the entrance that leads into the parking lot, which is not open during the day and is only open during business hours.

The other thing people are worried about is getting stuck at the entrance.

Hahn says there’s no way to get to the entrance, so they’re offering a free shuttle service to those who do need to use it.

“We’ve been able to do that, and we’ve had people who are willing to make the trip out,” he said.

It’s not the first movie theater in the country to close due to the wildfires.

In October, AMC Theaters in Las Vegas closed for a week, after the town of Vernal lost power.

That closed part of the theater’s theater as well.

Hennessey said the only thing he’s concerned about right now is that the theaters might close.

“At this point in time, we’ve been in a very dangerous situation, and it’s not like we can just open back up,” he told the Republic.

“It’s a big, big concern.”

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