‘Biden’s Travel Card Is The Next Great Government Travel Card’ – TIME

By TIME Travel Magazine Staff (UK), April 27, 2018 11:54:00PMBy TOMMY SANDERSWASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. President Joe Biden’s travel travel card is one of the most successful government travel cards ever issued.

Biden’s new travel card issued in January was the first to include a cashback promotion that offered the option of using credit or debit cards at select U.N. agencies for $20 off a $50 purchase.

The card offers a 50 percent cashback bonus on purchases of up to $1,000.

Biden is scheduled to hold a press conference Thursday with the American Red Cross in Washington to discuss his new card.

Biden, who was previously in the news for using a private plane to travel to the Democratic National Convention and other events in January, is scheduled for an afternoon news conference with the Red Cross.

The Red Cross’ mission is to help victims of natural disasters.

Biden will also meet with the National Flood Insurance Program, a federal agency that provides flood insurance for millions of Americans, and meet with U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May and other government officials.

Biden has been traveling with a private jet since February, when he flew from the White House to his Virginia home for the inauguration of his successor, Vice President Joe Bidens brother, Joe Biden.

The president’s first stop on his trip was New York City for a private meeting with former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, a close friend of the vice president.

The two men spoke before the opening of the Trump International Hotel, where Biden and Giuliani were photographed at the end of their private meeting.

The Biden campaign issued a statement Friday saying the new travel policy “will give Americans an instant way to travel without spending cash.”

The campaign also said the new card, which will be available to the public on Friday, offers “first class value for taxpayers and is the first time a U.W.

S travel card offers cashback.”

A spokesman for the Biden administration did not immediately respond to a request for comment Friday.

Last year, Biden traveled on a private airplane to New York from his home in Virginia to attend a private dinner with the United Nations General Assembly.

Biden then traveled to a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, where he was photographed signing autographs for attendees, according to a video posted on Twitter.

A spokeswoman for Biden did not respond to an email seeking comment.

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