A look at how the travel restrictions in Arizona could affect you

Arizona will likely be the first state in the country to impose restrictions on the travel of visitors due to a virus.

The state’s Department of Health and Human Services (DHS) said Monday that it will impose an 18-day “travel ban” for visitors and residents, but it does not prohibit the travel.

Visitors will be limited to entering Arizona on Monday for medical appointments and public events, including state fairs and concerts, and will have to report to the nearest CDC medical facility within 24 hours.

The restrictions will remain in effect for the next 48 hours, though it is unclear how long they will remain.

It is not clear how long the state will have the power to suspend travelers who return to the state or to impose a similar restriction on residents.

It is also unclear how many people will be impacted by the restrictions.

The restrictions come after the CDC confirmed that the first cases of the coronavirus have been detected in Arizona.

The CDC said Monday it was notified of 1,835 new cases and 726 deaths in Arizona during the first week of July, with most cases coming from people who had been in the state for more than a week and were infected with the virus.

There are about 1,000 new cases each day in the entire country, according to the CDC.

Arizona is home to the largest concentration of people who have traveled to other states for treatment of the virus, with nearly 60 percent of the people who traveled to the U.S. from the state in July being infected.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday in a statement that the “long-standing restrictions will continue for several weeks to allow time for people to be tested, gather data, and determine whether they should be allowed to travel or return home.”

While it is still not clear whether the new restrictions will be effective in stopping new cases, the CDC said the new measures “will reduce the spread of the disease in Arizona and will help keep people safe.”

A total of 9,619 people have died from the coronivirus in the U of A’s campus, the university said Monday, with 2,939 of those deaths coming from students.

That was followed by 6,934 deaths among faculty, staff and the general public, the school said.

The university said it is currently treating 3,946 people, with 4,093 of those people receiving care at a community health center.

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