‘Travellers don’t want to pay for hotels’: ABC News

Travel Channel, which is owned by Viacom, said it is offering travelers the ability to buy hotel rooms through its website.

Travel Channel has made hotel reservations through the website since it launched in October and said it expects to reach about 40 million reservations in the coming months.

The company said it will also offer travelers a hotel room credit to make it easier to book hotel rooms.

“With the ability for guests to earn points, travelers will be able to save money by purchasing a hotel reservation and then booking a room in their preferred hotel or destination,” Travel Channel said.

“This will help make it easy to book the perfect hotel and travel experience for their travel schedule.”

For travelers, the ability is especially valuable because they don’t typically pay for their hotels at the point of purchase, said Jason Fagone, vice president of marketing for Travel Channel.

“We are not doing a one-off program.

We’re offering this to help travelers save money,” Fagin said.

Fagone said that travelers are looking for value when it comes to their hotel room and it’s easier for them to do so when they can earn points.

“The key is not to go into the hotel room with a price tag,” Faggone said.

“You can pay for it with points.”

Travel Channel says it is looking for travelers who travel from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico, Central America and Europe to make their hotel reservations.

The website also includes a list of top cities to book and destinations to visit for travelers.

Travel channel is not the first company to offer hotel room booking through its online portal.

Viacom has also offered the ability since the launch of its Travel Channel app in November.

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