Chicago travel ban: ‘It’s a little bit like we’re on a different plane’

The Chicago travel restrictions were introduced in September.

They are designed to prevent travelers from flying into Chicago, Milwaukee, Omaha, Milwaukee and St. Louis and will apply to travelers who are coming from those cities.

In a statement Friday, the White House said the restrictions are designed “to prevent terrorists from traveling to the United States from their home countries.”

The White House also announced it is working with state, local and tribal governments to implement the travel restrictions.

But those who travel may still be impacted.

Chicago travel bans are expected to cost $4.4 billion over the next four years, according to the Washington Post.

The White Congress is also expected to approve $9 billion in supplemental spending that would fund more federal grants and other programs to address the travel ban.

The new travel restrictions will affect the travel of some federal workers, including employees at the Department of Homeland Security, according the Post.

Some of the restrictions also apply to the Department.

A DHS spokeswoman confirmed that some DHS employees will be affected by the new restrictions, but said those employees would still be able to continue working at the same time.

“Our priority is ensuring that federal employees have access to the tools and resources they need to serve the public,” said Jessica Vaughan, a DHS spokeswoman.

“This is a temporary measure, so we are reviewing the specifics and will determine how to best implement it.”

A Homeland Security official told the Post that the agency has received a request for proposals from companies that are interested in hiring some federal employees to help with the implementation.

The department said Friday that there is “no timeline” for implementing the travel restriction.

A spokeswoman for the Chicago Office of the Mayor said the city is still considering the changes, but added that the city’s office will continue to provide free rides to employees on the city bus.

The city has already begun to offer the free rides, and the city says it will offer the same service for federal employees as well.

“We’re working closely with the department to implement and enforce these new restrictions,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said in a statement.

“The city is committed to protecting Chicagoans from terrorist attacks.”

The Trump administration has been criticized for its initial travel ban on citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries.

But critics have said that the travel order was unconstitutional and that the ban was too broad.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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