How Hawaii will fight the Zika virus

Hawaii will start restricting travel to parts of the state that are under a state of emergency, but it won’t do so for days, officials said Wednesday.

Hawaii has had a quarantine on its mainland since February, but officials said that hasn’t been enough to stem the spread of the Zika outbreak.

The state has also been under a “precautionary lockdown” for several weeks, but its first order of travel restrictions were in place in mid-March.

The Hawaii Department of Health said Wednesday that it would begin restricting travelers from the state’s Big Island and Kauai islands on Monday and will extend those restrictions to its entire territory on March 15.

The state is still monitoring the spread.

Hawaiians traveling to the U.S. are advised to be prepared for travel restrictions and to follow the instructions of their travel agents.

“Our goal is to make sure people know what is happening,” said Dr. Bruce Smith, Hawaii Department’s commissioner of health.

Smith said that the department will not release additional travel restrictions until the state has more information.

Hawias health department will continue to monitor the spread, but there are currently no cases in Hawaii, said Dr, David Kavanagh, the director of the Division of Public Health.

Dr. William Schoenberg, a public health scientist at the University of Hawaii, noted that the state is experiencing a “significant outbreak of Zika-related illnesses” in the U-Haul trucking company.

Schoenberg said the CDC has been able to track the spread in Hawaii because of the use of a system called Z-Series Vector-Borne Virus Surveillance Network, or Z-VSAN.

The system uses the statewide Z-Map network to track and collect all confirmed and suspected cases in each of Hawaiis 52 counties, Schoenbergh said.

The system has detected cases in Honolulu, Kauai, Maui, Maupiti and Kauao.

Schausberg said that since the outbreak started in February, there have been nearly 300 confirmed cases in the state, and nearly 700 suspected cases.

“It’s a pretty high number,” Schoenenberg said.

Hawaii is still waiting for the CDC to issue a report on the state of health, he said.

“So I’m not going to speculate on what the situation is.”

Hawaii was one of only four states to have a state-wide quarantine on March 1, and it was followed by an extended quarantine that was extended again on March 9.

Kauai County, which is home to Kauai’s airport, is still under a quarantine, but residents there have no direct contact with travelers.

The county has also started issuing travel warnings to those who plan to travel to Hawaii.

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