How Massachusetts bans guns, travel restrictions, and travel bans

Boston — Massachusetts Gov.

Deval Patrick has banned all guns, except for those in military-style gear, and issued a travel ban that bans non-essential travel for non-residents, a move that has sparked protests.

But the governor has yet to make a decision on travel restrictions and the gun bans that are in place nationwide. 

The Boston Globe reported Wednesday that Patrick has also ordered that anyone who comes into Massachusetts from another state without a license or permit to carry a concealed weapon must have a fingerprint and must register every time they come into the state.

Those restrictions are in effect in New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. 

Patterson, a Democrat, has been in office since January, and has been working to improve public safety in the state, including increasing the number of officers on the streets and expanding mental health and substance abuse treatment services. 

On Tuesday, he announced a new “sanctuary” policy that requires law enforcement agencies to cooperate with federal immigration authorities in making arrests in the case of an arrest warrant or ICE detainer request. 

Under the new policy, police and state agencies are required to ask the Department of Homeland Security if the person seeking asylum is wanted for any reason and then report the matter to the U.S. Marshals Service and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). 

The state also issued a series of new restrictions on the state’s state park system, which was set to reopen Wednesday after a three-year suspension.

The governor also ordered the closure of the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on Wednesday, a temporary measure to reduce the pollution that the state has been battling.

The state has reported over 800 days of extreme weather since June 1, 2017, and officials expect to have more extreme weather in the next two months, according to the governor’s office. 

But on Wednesday evening, Patrick announced a ban on all guns. 

According to The Associated Press, Patrick told reporters that he had asked the state attorney general to conduct a “no fly, no buy” review of weapons.

At the same time, Patrick has said that the ban is not a blanket policy. “

The Commonwealth will work with our law enforcement and state attorneys general to ensure that our public safety remains at the forefront of the Governor’s agenda and we will not permit anyone to circumvent our laws by engaging in dangerous behavior,” Patrick said in a statement. 

At the same time, Patrick has said that the ban is not a blanket policy. 

“This is not the end of the road.

We’re not closing our doors to anyone.

We are still going to be vigilant about protecting our communities,” Patrick told the Associated Press. 

Patrick has also announced plans to allow people to bring back guns from overseas. 

In a statement, the governor said, “I will not allow the federal government to dictate who may or may not be allowed to possess firearms in Massachusetts, and that will include gun dealers and gun owners.” 

“The gun laws in Massachusetts are based on the laws of the United States.

Our state’s laws, which are strict, don’t allow for mass confiscation of guns or ammunition.

We have the strictest gun laws on the books in the country,” Patrick added.

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