Israel’s travel ban is the worst travel ban I’ve ever seen

Israel’s new travel restrictions are so far the worst I’ve seen in years, and they will be the worst for travel to the country for years to come.

It’s the first time in nearly 20 years that Israel has banned entry to the Palestinian territories.

As of Monday, there are restrictions for entry to Gaza, the West Bank, and parts of the East Jerusalem and Golan Heights.

The West Bank and East Jerusalem will remain largely sealed off, and the Gaza Strip will remain a closed-off zone.

This is the first step in Israel’s comprehensive plan to make Israel a “permanent occupation.”

The Israeli government has claimed that the measures are needed to prevent terrorism.

The Israeli military has called them an “imminent and dangerous security threat,” and says they will “severely affect our strategic position in the Middle East and the security of our citizens.”

This is what the Israeli government is saying: It’s hard to see how this restriction can serve a purpose other than to increase Israel’s military power and its control over the Palestinian population, and to deter the peaceful coexistence of Israelis and Palestinians, both in the occupied territories and in the West.

For decades, Israel has claimed it is an “unshakeable Jewish state.”

It has made no secret of its desire to make the Jewish state, with its vast majority population, its sole and exclusive “homeland,” a status that excludes Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims.

The United Nations recently noted that “Israel’s current plan does not even include a Palestinian state.”

The international community and the United States are deeply divided over whether the Israeli occupation is legal, and whether it should continue.

Israel has been trying to build a Jewish state for more than 2,000 years, since the creation of the biblical Jewish homeland, and this is its latest attempt to expand its control.

Palestinians and international law are not in doubt about the status of the occupied Palestinian territories, and Israel has repeatedly tried to undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority.

The International Court of Justice has recognized Israel’s annexation of the West Jerusalem region, and it has ruled that Israel’s settlements are illegal.

The Trump administration has repeatedly rejected the court’s decision, and has threatened to take legal action against the U.N. and the European Union.

The U.S. and European Union have also threatened to cut off funding for the Palestinians, and have said they will consider withholding the U.,S.

financial support.

Israel and the U-S.

are at odds over a number of key issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Obama administration has imposed a series of economic sanctions on Israel for its occupation, including a $1 billion food aid package for Gaza in 2016.

The administration has also cut off most U.s. financial aid to Israel.

Trump has announced a $110 billion defense package for Israel.

But the new restrictions on travel are a clear attempt to stop the U,S.

from spending its money and time helping Palestinians and Israelis in the fight against terrorism.

Israel’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called the measures “disastrous,” and called them a “catastrophe for Israel.”

Lieberman’s spokesman said the measures would “seriously harm” the Palestinian people.

The new restrictions will further isolate Israel, and further isolate the U.-S.

relationship with Israel.

The restrictions will also harm the U and the Middle Eastern region.

This new round of restrictions will be a blow to the global peace effort, and will have far-reaching implications for the U.’s relations with many other countries and nations.

The world has been watching and waiting to see what would happen next.

The international response has been muted.

In recent weeks, the U has been less assertive on the issue, but Israel has continued to escalate the war.

The White House, the State Department, and even Israel’s own diplomatic corps have condemned the new travel bans.

The only real movement has been from the Trump administration, which has refused to support Israel in any way, and in fact has encouraged other countries to take similar action.

The most recent measures came on March 8, and are the first of many to come in the near future.

This will be Israel’s third travel ban in a year.

The previous measures, which took effect on March 19, were the first to apply to Israel’s population of more than 50 million people.

Both measures targeted the Jewish communities of Jerusalem and the occupied West Bank.

These measures are also likely to cause major international backlash, as many countries will be forced to reconsider their support for Israel or will not be able to take in Israelis and Palestinian refugees.

The first travel ban was set to take effect on Monday.

The second ban, scheduled for March 25, was postponed indefinitely due to a security threat.

A third travel restriction was set for April 1.

The last ban, set for May 2, was lifted due to an increase in the number of arrests and the investigation into

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